FERA has a great interest in welcoming more teams. However, the requirement is that these teams and all their members are committed to fair sport.
All teams commit to check suspicious performance values and, if necessary, to terminate their own members if cooperation is not possible and the performance cannot be verified.
Tolerance and mutual respect are the basis for friendly and constructive cooperation.
In general, teams should not have more than two or three representatives at FERA. These representatives should hold a position in the team that enables them to initiate changes and have an impact on the structure and procedures of the team. Ideally, the representatives should have Zwift experience and technical understanding.
All FERA members are connected via Discord and exchange information there. If you are interested in becoming a member as a team or race organizer, you can join the Discord server via the link below. It leads to the so-called lobby. Please introduce yourself and your team and let us know why you would like to join FERA.

FERA lobby: