About FERA

FERA is an alliance of community cycling teams committed to fair racing on Zwift. Founded in late 2022, the alliance aims to develop basic tools that allow participating teams and their leaders to identify anomalies in their own riders’ data and determine whether faulty equipment or dishonest behavior is the cause.

FERA believes that integrity is best promoted when each team takes responsibility for its own riders, rather than denouncing the riders of other teams. Our goal is to provide a platform where teams – from established to new teams – can be supported to promote fair play in the esports community.

In the meantime, we have acquired a broad knowledge of how to manipulate performances on Zwift and how to recognize these manipulations. We also have the appropriate tools to help us analyze them. However, FERA does not intend to expose riders who we are convinced are not performing correctly in forums or on social media. Rather, we support FERA teams in reviewing the performance data of their own riders to make Zwift races more realistic and therefore fairer.

In the long term, we aim to make FERA a quality feature for online racing.